Hawaii Beaches

  1. Baby Beach (Maui)

    Beach with soft sands & calm waters, popular with novice snorkelers &                                families with kids. 

    2.Black Rock Beach (Maui)

    sandy beach with lava.  Known for its snorkeling & cliff diving.

    3. Papakolea Beach  (Hawaii)

    green sand beach located near South Point.

    4. Sunset Beach (Oahu)

     Sunset Beach is on the North Shore of Oahu in Hawaii and known for big wave                 surfing during the winter season.



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Guide to beach vacations in the U.S

                                                               California Beaches

   1.Santa Monica State Beach
   Landmark beach next to the Pier featuring a 3-mile coastline, mountain views     & walking/biking paths.

   2. Dockweiler State Beach
   Dockweiler State Beach is a beach in Los Angeles, California, with 3.75 miles of shoreline and a hang gliding practice and training area.

   3. Laguna Beach     
   With more than 7 miles of coastline and beautiful hillsides and cliffs.  Along with its crystal waters and abundance of wildlife, and excellent beaches. This is in our top 10.

   4. Leo Carrillo State Park, Malibu
   With just a little over a mile and a half of coastline and overnight camping available, this spot is unique among California beaches.  This state park/ beach expeirence offers caves, reefs, and seven miles of hiking trails.

   5. Glass Beach, Fort Bragg
   You get to look at beautiful sea glass here! You can't take it with you but it makes great pictures.
                                                             Florida Beaches 


  1. Panama City Beach, Fl
  This beautiful city beach has 27 miles of white sandy beach fun, with           the Turquiose waters of the gulf of Mexico.  There are many                             seaside restaurants and great local homegrown attractions.

  2. Naples, Fl
  From white sandy beaches to golf this beach town offers it all. This is          perfect for a romantic getaway so book that special vacay today.

   3. Key West, Fl
   Beautiful warm beaches year round. Great culture and free spirit                 mentality. Book today.. Your adventure awaits!

   4.  St. Petersburg, FL
   Having the title "The Sunshine City" they hold the world record for             the most consecutive days of sunshine. They also have 7 miles of                   beautiful beach fun,  including hiking, camping and kayaking.