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Great hiking trails

The best places to camp

I love remote areas, the feeling that someone hasn't been there for many years and I am at last in true solitude. Just my thoughts and nature. I am also a bit of an Indiana Jones type, the thought of treasure peaks my interest as well.  Here are some cool places to hike.
I just love the smell of a campfire! The food prepared in nature, Singing and telling stories, gazing up at the starlit sky. Pondering the amazing adventures that are about to be had.  Sleeping in nature and restoring my mind. 


Fishing Report

My partner website

My bobbers a bouncin

This website is all about metal detecting, treasure hunting, and History. They also do a lot of gold panning and detection. If you love looking for historical things like arrowheads and artifacts, old bottles, coins etc. This is the place for you!
We are going to find the best places to drop a line every week. It doesn't matter if you are a fly fisherman, troller, bait fisherman, ocean angler or just like dropping a simple trotline. We will keep you informed and keep you catching fish!